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Prosciutto Gran Cotto 8oz


Tastes like

The best elements of prosciutto di Parma and country ham combined together: delicate and complex, with just the right amount of salt, while also hearty and subtly sweet.

Is best for

• Versatility. Its prosciutto-like qualities make it at home on a cheese board, especially with a good gouda. Its more hammy tendencies mean it does for a mean croque, whether monsieur or madame.

• Putting on homemade pizza. Or, for that matter, on delivery pizza. Point is, it's really good on pizza.

About Prosciutto Gran Cotto

When we think of prosciutto, the immediate association is thinly shaved prosciutto di Parma. But in Italian, the word 'prosciutto' simply means ham. This style of prosciutto is first rubbed in a secret blend of spices, then steamed for 12 hours and cured for four an additional weeks. Hence its style-spanning flavor profile.

Just the Facts