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Almond Biscotti Special Edition Tin 300g

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The Italian biscotti is such a perfect creation that it seems like something that came into existence in some divine, mystical way. But it had to be invented, and the man who invented was Antonio Mattei. This is his recipe, from the very shop he founded in 1858. He nailed it right out of the gate, and this is still the best one around. Its sweetness is subtle and nuanced, with a texture that is wonderfully sturdy without being the least bit brittle. What that means is that, instead of turning to mealy mush, it retains its integrity when dunked into coffees and cappuccinos, but is also wonderful when eaten as is. There’s an airy crunch and an excellent nuttiness from high quality almonds. Mattei got it right, and you can still taste the fact in this quintessential biscotti.

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