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Casamara Club Alta 12oz

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If you like Negronis, you’re going to love the Alta soda from Casamara Club. In their line of spirits-inspired soft drinks, it’s called “The Aperitivo” for its bright notes of citrus that are certain to liven up brunch, dinner, or an afternoon cocktail. Enjoy this fruity, bubbly spritz on its own or mix it with your favorite gin to create a brand new beverage. With notes of dark berries, grapefruit, and a hint of spice, this fizzy soda is a sweet and easy sipper. Casamara Club, created by Jason LaValla in 2017, was inspired by the lack of exciting, natural soft drinks in the market. Joined by his partner Erica Johnson in 2019, they’ve developed a growing line of amaro-inspired drinks that are intended for solo enjoyment or as cocktail mixers.

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