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We the Cheesers, in order to form a more perfect wheel, are proud to bring you Preamble. Developing a new cheese involves lots of R&D. Once we've gotten it just right, but before we begin production in full, we make a small batch, limited release. Think of it like an advanced screening for a movie that's not yet in theaters.

Because Preamble is subject to the cheese we are developing at a given moment, each incarnation is unique. Here is a profile of our current batch:

Batch #: 3.0
Style: Bloomy
Tasting Notes: Button Mushroom | Honey | Peanut Skins
About Preamble Batch #3.0: We have to imagine it's pretty fun to be a Preamble 3.0. This cheese begins as a New World-style brie, and we then soak it in mead, wrap it in grape leaves, and age it in our Bloomy Cave for three weeks. When it comes out, it is rich in umami, delightfully vegetal, and subtly sweet, with a gooey creamline and plump paste.

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4 oz