Batch Two


We the Cheesers, in order to form a more perfect wheel, are proud to bring you Preamble. Developing a new cheese involves lots of R&D. Once we've gotten it just right, but before we begin production in full, we make a small batch, limited release. Think of it like an advanced screening for a movie that's not yet in theaters.


Because Preamble is subject to the cheese we are developing at a given moment, each incarnation is unique. Here is a profile of our current batch:

Batch #: 2.1 

Style: Washed Rind

Tasting Notes: Plum | Fig | Meaty

About Preamble Batch #2.0: This wheel begins its tenure in our caves as a Little Hosmer from the Cellars at Jasper Hill. We then wash it in an Abbey-style Quadrupel Ale made just down the street from our caves by Transmitter Brewing. They call this ale 'A4,' and it has deep flavors of stone fruit: plums, figs, and raisins in particular. After three weeks, the cheese acquires these very notes, along with a terrifically meaty texture.


EXPLORE PREVIOUS BATCHES: (no longer available for sale) 

Batch #: 2.0 

Style: Washed Rind 

Tasting Notes: Honey | Roasty | Meaty

About Preamble Batch #2.0: This wheel begins its tenure in our caves as a new world-style brie, and we then give it healthy washes of mead—the drink of choice for ancient Scandinavian warriors. After three weeks, it emerges boasting rich, roasty flavors and a meaty texture.

Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
8 oz