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Grafton Village Cheese Bear Hill

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Named for the majestic bluff overlooking Grafton Village, Vermont where this cheese is made, Bear Hill is an excellent choice for casual nibbling or completing a stellar cheese plate. At only five months of age, this raw sheep's milk cheese will crumble nicely into snackable chunks for your guests to enjoy, and its nutty, approachable sweetness will be a great fit for any palate at the party. While Alpine-inspired cheeses like this one are typically made with raw cow's milk, Bear Hill's nontraditional milk source is what makes it so unique and delicious. The sheep's milk brings a distinct tang and a gamey quality that's light enough to not overpower. The youthfulness of this cheese will make it excellent for melting over bread or on earthy vegetables, and its smooth flavor will pair nicely with a Pinot Blanc, Gewürztraminer or any hop-forward beer varieties.

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