Best of the Caves


Straight from our Caves, these Murray’s originals are one-of-a-kind. Featuring our homegrown favorites Crushed Velvet, Annelies, and Project X, this selection of our cave-aged classics is stacked with unique profiles, and of course, full of Murray’s flavor. Paired with sweet blueberry preserves and hearty oven-baked crackers, our Cavemaster Reserve collection brings out the best from Murray’s underground operation.  

This brilliantly delicious collection comes in our Murray's Signature Gift Crate, and includes:

Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Annelies
Murray's CaveMaster Reserve Project X
Cavemaster Labs Crushed Velvet
Murray's Sopressata Salami 6oz
Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread 6 oz
Murray's Wild Blueberries Preserves 10oz
Murray's Sundried Cherries 8oz

Serves 6-8 cavemasters and contains approx. 1.5 lb. of cheese and 6 oz of meat.

*If one of the items in the collection is unavailable or does not meet our high quality standards, we may need to substitute an item of equal or greater value. 

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