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Bien Cuit Bacon Fried Bread Crisps 3.84oz

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Step 1: Master the art of bread baking to the point that you're a three-time James Beard Award nominee. Step 2: Slice your bread and crisp it up in bacon drippings. Step 3: Enjoy the crunchy, smoky, ever-so-bacony goodness of such a brilliant creation. Smother it with jam, layer it with lox, top it off with a creamy blue cheese—with something this unapologetically delicious, there's plenty of ways to utilize it.

These Bacon-Fried Bread Crisps are the product of Bien Cuit, brainchild of James Beard Award nominee Zachary Golper. The Brooklyn bakery is modeled after the French bakeries of yore, using traditional grains, rustic practices, and local ingredients. We are excited to be partnering with Bien Cuit to provide their products outside of New York for the very first time.

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