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Bien Cuit Pumpkin Caramel Pie 2.72Lbs

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Pumpkin cream. Scotch whisky caramel. Pepitas. Why doesn’t every pumpkin pie taste like this? The answer is simple: because there’s only one Bien Cuit. The Brooklyn-based bakery begins with a braided, flakey crust and lays a base of rich pumpkin cream. Over that is a luscious caramel, complete with that complex smoky quality of premium Scotch. It’s all topped off with fresh pumpkin seeds for extra texture and autumnal flavor. Does pumpkin pie get any better? Take just one bite and you’ll find the question settled.

Pre-order freshly baked pies, pound cakes and bread for your Thanksgiving holiday from an award-winning, Brooklyn-based bakery Bien Cuit. ALL orders placed now through 11/15 11:59AM will be delivered on Wednesday 11/21, before Thanksgiving.

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