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Bien Cuit Shortbread 4 pack

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Bien Cuit is the brainchild of three-time James Beard Award nominee Zachary Golper. The Brooklyn bakery is modeled after the French bakeries of yore, using traditional grains, rustic practices, and local ingredients. We are excited to be partnering with Bien Cuit to provide their products outside of New York for the very first time.

Shortbread is a rustic biscuit that was developed in the 1700s. Any recipe that old will inevitably morph away from its origin over the centuries, which is why it’s best handled by a master of rustic baking traditions. Bien Cuit’s Zachary Golper is one such master. His shortbread is buttery, well-layered, and flaky, with a golden outer-layer and a gentle dusting of sugar over top. This is an old-school shortbread that newer takes just can’t keep up with. Each pack contains four cookies.

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