Brie Baker Hosting Set


Baked Brie has never been easier! Murray’s Brie Baker Hosting Set is a must-have for the home chef. This trio includes a stylish Boska ceramic cheese baker, a creamy wheel of Murray’s Mini Brie, and a delectably rich fig spread so you’ll be able to craft the perfect cheesy, melted delight in just minutes. Whether you choose to serve it up with crackers or get gourmet with a puff pastry creation, this hosting set is guaranteed to produce a crowd-pleasing cheese dish without the prep work. Get dipping with some snackable favorites like Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons or Murray’s Genoa Salami. 
The Brie Baker Hosting Set comes in a Murray's Signature Gift Box and includes:

Murray's Brie
Divina Fig Spread
Boska Cheese Baker

The Brie Baker Hosting Set contains 8 ounces of cheese, and serves 4-6 bon brie-vants.

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