The Best of the British Isles

All through the month of March, we’re celebrating the best cheeses from Ireland and the UK in honor of St Patrick’s Day! From producers we love to an interactive map featuring all of the incredible cheeses we carry from overseas, get ready to dive into some British Isles-inspired content.

Mossfield Organic

Mossfield Organic Farm in County Offaly, Ireland, is home to limestone pastures that allow for the production of grassy, complex, award-winning wheels of cheese. Their Mossfield Mature cheese is a gouda-like creation with a smooth, supple consistency and mellor, nutty flavor.

Isle of Mull Cheddar

Straight from a mom-and-pop creamery in northern Scotland, this farmstead cheddar is aged for 17 months to reach its full flavor potential. Crumbly, curdy, and delightfully rustic, this traditionally-crafted cheese is bursting with umami notes of brown mustard and sweet savor.

Devonshire Red

Hailing from England, this colorful creation is Quicke’s original take on a Red Leicester, a classic English cheese similar to cheddar that’s made red from the addition of a vegetable dye called annatto. Quicke’s version is vibrant and crumbly, with a sweet nuttiness.


Established in 1540, this English cheese company has a whole lot of history. Famous for their clothbound cheddar, this family operation has been using traditional techniques and timeless recipes for almost 500 years. Their team of expert cheesemakers handcraft each cheese to ensure peak quality and flavor.

Neal's Yard Dairy

Working with about 40 cheesemakers across the UK and Ireland, Neal’s Yard Dairy ages and produces cheese from all over the British Isles. Since the 1980s, this small shop turned large operation has been dominating the cheese scene with their selection of top-notch products and internationally renowned flavor.

White Lake Cheese

Based in Pylle Somerset, England, this award-winning artisanal cheese producer is a newer operation that’s been making waves in the dairy world since 2005. Relying on milk from local herds, White Lake’s cheeses are produced in a state-of-the-art facility that’s able to process about 12,000 liters of milk per week.

Cheeses of the British Isles

Want to get up close and personal with the cheesiest regions of the UK and Ireland? Check out our interactive map of the British Isles, where you’ll see exactly where we get some of our favorite cheeses from overseas.

Tea Time

Afternoon tea may be a classically British tradition, but Murray’s has all the right snacks and accompaniments to make your tea time a cheesy success. From clotted creams and jams to organic tea blends and snackable cheeses, don’t miss out on our selection of tasty treats that are sure to take tea to the next level.

Cheddar Cheese

You eat it and love it, but how much do you really know about this iconic cheese? First created in Somerset, England, this hard, crumbly creation has become a beloved household staple across the globe, and remains the most popular cheese in the UK since it was first birthed nearly 1,000 years ago.

The Macallan

Love scotch? We’ve partnered with The Macallan, a treasured scotch whisky brand that’s been producing some of the world’s best whisky since 1824. With a focus on quality flavor and meticulous production, we’re collaborating with The Macallan on a number of original Murray’s recipes and pairings.

Cheese Boards by Murray’s

It’s your comprehensive guide to cutting, plating, and serving our cheeses like a pro! Want to know how to build the perfect charcuterie platter for every occasion? We’ve got step-by-step instructions that will take you from blank board to cheese masterpiece in just minutes, no matter your skill level or price point.

Happy Hour by Murray’s

Great cheese deserves amazing beverage pairings, so head over to Happy Hour by Murray’s for some supreme cocktail inspiration! Featuring original concoctions made with Murray’s gourmet pantry items and collaborations with NYC’s best bars and restaurants, these craft drinks are guaranteed to make a splash.

Great Taste by Murray’s

Whip up a traditional British dish from Great Taste by Murray’s! Our collection of delicious and cheesy recipes feature Murray’s originals from our Executive Chef David Elkins, as well as collaborations with New York City’s hottest restaurants--get access to classic meals like Welsh rarebit and meat pies at the tip of your fingers.

British Isles on the Blog

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