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Rustichella Pasta Bucatini 1.1 Lb


Pasta Shapes 101: Discover the origins and preparations of your favorite shapes and varieties

Gianluigi Peduzzi grew up watching his Nonno make pasta in his small Italian village of Pianella, and today the tradition lives on in his Rustichella Pasta Bucatini. Made from heirloom wheat grow in Italy’s Abruzzo region and harvested in the summer months, this textured, hearty, tube-shaped pasta is unlike any you’ve ever had. It’s delicate and soft, with a nutty flavor. Try it tossed in Arrabiata Sauce and sprinkled with Murray’s Parmigiana Reggiano for an effortlessly delicious dinner. Add other delicious selections like Rustichella Pasta Orzo and Rustichella D'abruzzo Radiatore Pasta.

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