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Murray's CaveMaster Labs Butterhall

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There’s nothing wrong with adding a little butter--at least, that’s what we decided when we created Butterhall, an experiment in flavor based on our Cavemaster Reserve Stockinghall Cheddar. Stockinghall, one of our original Cave creations, is beloved for its crumbly, fudgy texture and mellow, tangy profile. Absurdly snackable and delectably bright, we decided to take this cheddar to savory new heights by rubbing the clothbound cheese in butter rather than the traditional lard, producing a brand new variety that stands apart from its caramelly counterpart. Butterhall is aged in our Caves for 10 months until it reaches its peak: a smooth, toasty cheese reminiscent of bone broth, with a mouth-coating umami essence. We recommend pairing this buttery beauty with a rich Cabernet or an oaky Chardonnay.

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