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Murray's Cave Aged Limited Camembiber 4oz

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What’s in a name? Our Camembiber, the latest experiment from Murray’s Cave Aged Limited line, is so called for its base of Old Chatham camembert with a rub of Urfa Biber spice, a Turkish chili pepper. Known for their deep purple hue, Urfa Biber peppers are sun-dried and sweated until they reach their optimum flavor. Upon being added to camembert, they give this creamy block of buttery, silky paste a rind that’s textured with mild, raisin-like seasoning, providing a slightly smoky, tannic complexity to an otherwise smooth, classic profile. Both highly snackable and utterly refined, it’s a surprising square of delectably toothsome cheese with just a hint of heat, making it the perfect crowd-pleaser for every palate.

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Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Cow, Sheep
Rennet Type
3-5 weeks
4 oz

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