Cheese Board for Two

The Cheese Board for Two

We’re taking cheese to new heights with this tower-inspired plate.
De-construct one of our most popular cheese towers to create a sweet spread for two. Featuring our impressive Cavemaster Reserve Cornelia, a blue-gray wheel of Selles-Sur-Cher, and a sweet button of creamy Bijou, this towering trio pairs perfectly with a selection of hearty crackers and thick, juicy slices of apricot bread. A smattering of berries and a small bowl of pistachio cream complete the tower-to-board transition. The final result? A colorful platter bursting with bright flavor for a pair of adventurous cheese-lovers.
  • Prep Time : 10 min.
  • Assembly Time : 10 min.
  • Total Time : 20 min.
  • Serves: 2-4
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  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Slice the Apricot Bread into wedges.


  • Cheese board for two 1
    Build the tower in the top left corner of your board – with a base of Cornelia, a middle tier of Selles-Sur-Cher, and a top tier of Bijou.
  • Cheese board for two 2
    Fan out the crackers surrounding the tower. Tip: tuck the edges of the crackers underneath the Cornelia to keep them in place.
  • Cheese board for two 3
    Fan out the Apricot Bread wedges in bottom right corner of the board in a quarter-circle around the corner, leaving space for the Selles-Sur-Cher. Place a bowl in the top right corner of the board and fill with Pistachio Cream. Fill in space between crackers and Apricot Bread with blueberries, extending out to the bowl and leaving a space at the top of the board for Bijou.
  • Cheese board for two 4
    Take apart tower, placing the Bijou in the space at the top of the board, and the Selles-Sur-Cher in the space in the bottom right of the board, re-adjust other components of the board if needed to make space. Slice cheese and enjoy.

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Vermont Creamery Bijou 4 oz
Pistachio Cream Spread 8.1 oz
Cheese Tower for Two
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Murray's Soft Cheese Knife
12cm Cheese Harp
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