Comte Fort Des Rousses

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Comte, one of France’s most famous cheeses, has a long and rich history dating back centuries, hailing from a region that specializes in creating this AOC-protected cheese from local dairies and family-owned operations. One of the crown jewels of our Comte selection, Juraflore Comte Fort des Rousses, is a creation from cheese maker Jean-Charles Arnaud that’s aged in France’s second largest fortress in the Jura mountains. Matured for around a year, this Comte emerges with a creamy firmness and notes of dried fruit, almond, and hazelnut. With a serious taste of place, this renowned favorite maintains a profile that reflects the mountain environment where it’s born, featuring an earthy essence punctuated with hints of citrus and spice. A seriously snackable cheese deserves something equally drinkable, so pair this Comte with a smooth, fruity red wine.

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