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Murray's Cavemaster Labs Crushed Velvet 8 oz

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This Cavemaster Labs cheese is one colorful experiment! Made from a green (unaged) wheel of St. Stephen from Four Fat Fowl, the bloomy rind of this delicate, buttery cheese is rubbed with hibiscus and then aged in our Caves, emerging with a distinct new flavor and unique purple hue. Though reddish-purple coloring is atypical in cheese, our hibiscus rub has the desired effect of creating a light lilac band around the cream line, like a cheesy tie-dye. Smooth and floral with hints of cherry, this bright wheel scores high in the categories of sweet and fruity, with a decadent velvet mouthfeel and earthy undertones. Pair this striking bloomy cheese with a glass of bubbly for a snack that’s as beautiful as it is delicious.

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