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Blackberry Farm Blackberry Jam

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Blackberry Farm Blackberry Jam
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  • by Blackberry Farm
  • United States

The blackberries used to make this tart and sweet jam are picked from a local farm just up the road from Blackberry Farm. A true Tennessee treat made by mixing juicy berries with lemon juice and golden cane sugar. The result is a fruity and mild spread that pairs beautifully with creamy cheeses like Langres or Robiola Bosina.

This tart jam is the perfect pairing for a creamy, mellow cheese like Cremeux de Bourgogne. Indulge in a slice of sourdough bread covered in salted butter, slice of Cremeux de Bourgogne, topped with this jam.
Sugar, Lemons, Blackberry
  • Serve on your next cheese plate with Murray's Cave Aged Reserve Annelies or Garrotxa.
  • Nestled at the base of the Great Smokey Mountains, Blackberry Farm is not only a producer of jams and preserves. It’s also a renowned mountain resort.
  • The name dates back to 1939, when Blackberry Farm’s original owner Florida Laiser snagged her stockings in a thicket of blackberry bushes while choosing a location for her dream home.
  • It’s now owned by the Bealls, as well as three other local families, who have overseen the business as it’s grown to include a brewery, wine cellar, garden, and other culinary operations.
Family Owned

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