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Tennessee Chow Chow

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blackberry farm tennessee chow chow specialty foods
Tennessee Chow Chow
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  • by Blackberry Farm
  • United States

Chowchow is a well-loved relish from the south that changes in style and flavor depending on location and family tradition. Blackberry Farm’s take on Tennessee Chow Chow is packed with locally grown vegetables like onions, peppers, and cabbage, along with whatever else is sprouting in their garden. Lightly pickled, it’s a flavorful relish with a hint of spice. Add some excitement to your next hot dog or a burger, or dollop onto slices of Murray’s Genoa Salami.

This Southern-style relish is a flavorful and vibrant combination of both sweet and savory flavors. I suggest using it to kick up the flavor of deviled eggs or top it on a gameday hot dog.
Cabbage, Garden Vegetables, Onions, Peppers, Vinegar, Sugar, Spices
  • Although there are a number of applications for chow chow, it’s often enjoyed with beans.
  • The ingredients, flavors, and spice level of chow chow can vary greatly. Many southern families have their own recipe that’s been passed down through generations.
  • Try this on a cheese platter with Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise or Milton Creamery Flory's Truckle.
  • Nestled at the base of the Great Smokey Mountains, Blackberry Farm is not only a producer of jams and preserves. It’s also a renowned mountain resort.
  • The name dates back to 1939, when Blackberry Farm’s original owner Florida Laiser snagged her stockings in a thicket of blackberry bushes while choosing a location for her dream home.
  • It’s now owned by the Bealls, as well as three other local families, who have overseen the business as it’s grown to include a brewery, wine cellar, garden, and other culinary operations.

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