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Cheese Board of the Month Club

Cheese Board of the Month Club
Cheese Board of the Month Club

This monthly selection has everything you need to build your own expert-level board or craft the perfect party spread. With hand-picked selections of three to five cheeses, charcuterie, and perfect pairings, plus step-by-step instructions on cutting and serving, this club is a one-stop-shop for crowd-pleasing flavor. Cheese Board of the Month is our largest and most popular club.

When it comes to gourmet subscription boxes, Murray’s stands out—we choose only the highest quality selections from the best international and domestic producers and hand pick each product at its peak. From delectable cheddars to decadent triple crèmes to one-of-a-kind blues, we deliver the finest.

The Expert Selection
Our mongers’ expertise in selection, curation, and pairing shines through in each thoughtfully crafted subscription box. No more scrolling through endless products—let us do the work so you can discover, taste, and enjoy.
The Careful Delivery
Our cheeses, meats, and pairings are hand-picked by experts and handled with care at every step to ensure they're delivered to your door in prime condition. Most cheese selections are cut and wrapped to order at their peak of tasty perfection.
The Joy of Discovery
Not only will you receive top quality cheeses and accompaniments—you’ll also get fun facts and serving tips. There's something new to discover in every delivery, so you can grow your cheese expertise and share that knowledge with friends.

One-of-a-kind cheeses, delivered to your door

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