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Le Bon Magot Sour Cherry And Pomegranate Conserve

le bon magot sour cherry and pomegranate conserve specialty foods
Le Bon Magot Sour Cherry And Pomegranate Conserve
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  • by Le Bon Magot, LLC
  • United States

Persian flavors get the spotlight in this luxurious jam. Blending flavorful ingredients like dried sour cherries, pomegranate juice, orange flower, pepper, cocoa, and almondy mahlab (cherry) seed, this jam is complex and zesty. Undertones of almond and clove play well with the tart juiciness of the cherry and pomegranate. Mild bloomy cheeses like Crémeux de Bourgogne are a delicious match for this versatile conserve.

“This jam blends well with handfuls of shelled almonds or, for a sweeter treat, Mitica Fig Almond Cake.”
Murray’s Gifting – New York, NY
Dried cherries, sugar, water, apples, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, cocoa, orange blossom, pepper, spices, mahlab seed powder, salt
  • Mahlab seeds come from the pit of the St. Lucie cherry. They typically have almond notes in their flavor profile, and are finely ground here to add nutty richness.
  • Slather onto a smoked duck sandwich or serve with your favorite pâté alongside a glass of juicy red wine.
  • For a sweet treat, spoon atop yogurt and top with pistachios for crunch.
  • Naomi Mobed founded Le Bon Magot in 2015 to produce an original line of condiments, chutneys, preserves, and similar pantry items.
  • Le Bon Magot means “the hidden treasure.”
  • Founder Naomi Mobed was born in Karachi and raised in Tehran, and spent time around the world in Hong Kong, the U.S., Dubai, South Africa, and other cities and countries.
  • Le Bon Magot was inspired by her family’s culinary traditions as well as the flavors, spices, and dishes she encountered around the world
  • These small-batch artisanal products use locally sourced produce and oils, vinegars, and spices from around the world to create entirely unique blends of flavors that are utilized in heritage recipes.
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Gluten Free, Vegetarian

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