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Petit Brebicet

Petit Brebicet cheese
Petit Brebicet
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  • Pasteurized
  • Microbial Rennet
  • Age: 11 Days
  • Sheep Milk
  • France
  • Approachable
  • Soft

A striking, wrinkly square, Petit Brebicet is a pocket-size springtime treat. Beneath the distinctive brainy rind (known as a geo rind) lies a rich interior. A bite reveals notes of freshly baked bread and cream, with a barnyard-tinged finish. Flavorful but not overwhelming, it wouldn’t be out of place at a Mother’s Day brunch. And true to its name, it’s petite—perfect for stashing in a picnic basket alongside Fabrique Delices Saucisson Sec and Jan's Farmhouse Cranberry & Pistachio Crisps.

Sheep's Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Microbial Enzymes

Allergens: Milk

  • Cheeses with brainy rinds like Petit Brebicet are known as geo rind cheeses because the rind is formed by the yeast-like fungus geotrichum candidum.
  • Geo rind cheeses belong to the bloomy rind family—cheeses that are known for their often creamy texture and soft, edible rind.
  • Creamy Petit Brebicet is a perfect match with the light saltiness of buttery olives, like Castelvetranos.
Farmstead, Non GMO, Rotational Grazing

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