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Ramp Vinegar

  • United States

No seasonal vegetable causes a stir quite like ramps, the wild onions that appear for a brief period each spring. And keeping a bottle of Ramp Up Ramp Vinegar on hand is much easier than battling for a bunch at your local farmer’s market. A tangy vinegar boasting true ramp flavor—bright and briny, with pleasant garlic and scallion notes. One glug adds the distinct flavor of pickled ramps to any dish. Embrace ramp mania, and drizzle on greens served with oniony Scharfe Maxx grilled cheese.

White Vinegar, Ramp Bulbs, Sea Salt
  • Ramp Up Ramp Vinegar would be a welcome oniony addition to a bloody mary or your next batch of pickles.
  • Ramps, sometimes called wild leeks, are a member of the allium family, which includes onion, garlic, scallion, shallot, and leek.
  • Their flavor is somewhere between the milder leek and stronger scallion, with a more pronounced garlicky bite.
  • Ramps have a particularly short growing season in early spring, lasting for about three weeks.
Family Owned
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

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