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Red Miso Vinegar

Ramp Up Red Miso Vinegar specialty foods
Red Miso Vinegar
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We're strong believers that pantry staples shouldn’t be dull, and Ramp Up Red Miso Vinegar is the perfect way to add some excitement to your cabinet. Red miso’s long fermentation gives it a powerful salty punch, a flavor that really shines in this rich, full-bodied vinegar. It’s a wonderfully unique addition, bringing with it an intriguing complexity and umami depth. Drizzle over Murray's Feta or Matiz Sardines with a glug of fruity olive oil for a boldly savory afternoon snack.

White Wine Vinegar, Organic Red Miso

Allergens: Soy

  • Ramp Up Red Miso Vinegar adds a savory depth and tang to long-braised meats or quick avocado toast.
  • A Japanese ingredient, miso is a paste that’s made by fermenting some combination of soybeans, rice, barley, and wheat.
  • Red miso is saltier and more intense than white miso because of its higher proportion of soybeans and longer fermentation period.
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Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

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