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Trade Street Jam Co. Plum & Rose Jam

Trade Street Jam Co Plum Rose Jam specialty foods
Trade Street Jam Co. Plum & Rose Jam
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  • by Trade Street Jam Co.
  • United States

A well-chosen jam is the key to an elevated cheese board. For a warm weather spread, there’s no better choice than light, summery Trade Street Plum & Rose Jam. Each spoonful is like biting into a ripe plum—juicy, tart, and sweet. A hint of rosewater brings a pleasant but not overpowering floral complexity. Spread on Rustic Bakery Vanilla Bean Shortbread and top with Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen for a savory-sweet take on the flavors of warm plum crumble and ice cream.

Plum, Sugar, Rose Water, Lemon Juice.
  • Like all Trade Street products, the Plum & Rose Jam contains less sugar than conventional jams, which allows the true plum flavor to shine.
  • Without extra sugar or added pectin, it’s light-textured and perfectly spoonable on a cheese board.
  • The fruity sweetness of this jam would pair well with milky Calabro Fresh Ricotta on a slice of thick, hearty toast.
  • It’d also bring a welcome pop of plum flavor to cocktails, glazes, and dressings.
  • Trade Street Jam Co. founder and CEO Ashley Rouse is a trained chef who creates vegan, small-batch jams in inspired flavor combinations.
  • A woman-owned, black-owned business, Trade Street was born out of Charlotte, North Carolina, but eventually found its way to Brooklyn, New York.
  • They procure their ingredients through local vendors and farmers, the flavors of which really shine with minimal added sugar and no pectin or preservatives.
Black Owned

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