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Trufflin® Black Truffle Salt

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Trufflin® Black Truffle Salt 100g
Trufflin® Black Truffle Salt
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  • by Trufflin®
  • France

Made with world-renowned, hand-harvested sel gris from Guérande, France, Trufflin’s Black Truffle Salt is packed with luxurious black truffle, creating a complex blend of bright minerals and earthy richness. With flaky crystals, this salt turns a simple salad or bowl of popcorn into a gourmet treat.

“This salt means that it has never been easier to add Truffle to anything, whether you prefer a little or a ton. Truffle out by adding this salt to Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor.”
Murray’s Customer Experience – New York, NY
Guerande Grey Salt, Natural Black Truffle Essence, Tuber Aestivum Black Truffle
  • A truffle is a sought-after type of fungi that grows entirely underground on the roots of trees. Truffles are prized for their incredible earthy, deep flavor.
  • Harvested by hand from clay-lined salt ponds, sel gris translates to “grey salt.” It is a crystalline, unrefined salt with an extraordinary mineral complexity.
  • Use this to top off a juicy grilled steak, or sprinkle atop Murray’s Burrata.
  • Husband and wife team Cornelious Robinson and Liv Woudstra-Robinson started Trufflin to bring high-quality French truffles to NYC chefs.
  • They drew on Cornelious’ background as a chef and cocktail connoisseur and Liv’s family history with truffles in the South of France.
  • With the goal of democratizing the world of gourmet food, they eventually expanded to bring their luxury products to home kitchens.
  • Trufflin owns their process from end to end, sourcing truffles directly from a collective of French truffle hunters and farmers to ensure consistency and quality. 

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