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Effie's Biscuit and Cheese - Cheesemonger Favorites


With our delectable collection of Effie's sweet and savory biscuits, this is an introductory course in one of our favorite accompaniments. Four different Effie's flavors featured - their oatcakes, corncakes, nutcakes, and ryecakes - you can fully sample each of Effie's family recipe. The gently sweet, flaky and buttery cakes pair with a wide range of cheeses - from piquant blues to crumbly aged cheddar to whipped triple cremes, they all make the best topping for Effie's homemade cakes. With a drizzle of linden honey, or a few dried cherries, you'll taste the delicious inspiration that comes with each nibble of Effie's Biscuits.

Effie's Biscuit and Cheese - Cheesemonger Favorites comes in our Murray's Signature Gift Crate and includes:

BUTTERY Oatcakes

CRISPY Corncakes

PECAN Nutcakes

WALNUT Ryecakes

CREAMY Chiriboga Blue

TRIPLE CREME Delice De Bourgogne

SHARP Grafton Village Cheddar

VIBRANT Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman Alpine

FRESH Westfield Farm Capri Chevre

PLUMP Dried Bing Cherries

FLORAL Murray’s Wildflower Honey

Effie’s Biscuit & Cheese Sampler contains 2 lbs. of cheese and serves 8-10 people.