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V Smiley Preserves Elderberry Plum Honey Jam 2oz

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Grab some toast, because this Elderberry Plum Jam is about to become your next brunch staple. Juicy and complex with a subtle crunch, this deeply sweet spread is a spoonful of rich, bright flavor. V Smiley, a native of New Haven, Vermont, returned to the farm she grew up on after years of culinary training with the idea of expanding the farm into an agricultural hub to produce fresh jam from homegrown fruit and local vendors. With the help of her mom and her partner Amy, V Smiley is now known for exquisite and delicious jams like this one. Made from just plums, honey, elderberries, and lemon juice, this fruity treat is a delightfully textured combination of plum chunks and bite-sized elderberries, making it an ideal pair for a crumbly hunk of aged cheddar.

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