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Murray's CaveMaster Reserve Extra Aged Stockinghall


Like fine wine, some cheeses get better with age, and our Cavemaster Reserve Stockinghall is no exception. Typically aged for 10 months in our Caves, we decided to give this original cheddar creation an extra six months to mature into a crunchy, umami blend of bright fruit and mouthwatering minerality. Stockinghall, our first Caves cheese, is wrapped in cloth and rubbed with lard, then aged to perfection: a crumbly cheddar with notes of sour cream and pineapple. Its older sibling, the Extra Aged variety, takes this beloved favorite to a new level. Slightly firmer in texture, this new take on an old classic has an addictively snackable profile that combines the essences of bright mustard, savory mushrooms, and a gentle hint of strawberries.

*Some blue veining is totally natural in our Extra Aged Stockinghall, and just as delicious!

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