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Urbani Fresh Black Winter Truffle 2oz

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The rich umami of black truffles is a flavor worth hunting for—these delicacies, called Burgundy or autumn truffles, are harvested near hazelnut trees in Italy using special truffle-hunting dogs and pigs who sniff out their singular scent. With an unassuming black and brown textured exterior, the inside of these mushroom-like treats is a dazzling maze of gray and brown, which makes them an eye-catching addition when grated over pasta, eggs, or even French fries. Rare and aromatic, these fancy fungi (Tuber uncinatum) are more popular than ever, easily used to add gourmet flair to any dish. 

Orders for Fresh Black Truffles are shipped within 5-7 business days from the date of order.

Due to variability in market pricing, product price may change over the course of the season.

** Fresh Black Winter Truffles are not eligible for discount codes.

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