Goat's Milk Cheese, italy

You’ll want to stock up on some authentic olive oil and some fresh Italian pasta to pair with these original goat cheeses from Italy! Our selection of Italian goat cheese ranges from the delectably smooth and creamy, like Murray’s La Tur and Alta Langa Brunet, to snackable and toothsome favorites like Capra Sarda. Perfect for sprinkling over a bright summer salad or a homemade bowl of pasta, these delicacies from the birthplace of pizza, pasta, and Parmigiano Reggiano are unbeatable when paired with a glass of Prosecco or a sip of Chianti.

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Murray's La Tur
$31.20/Lb $39.00/Lb
Blu Di Capra
Ca' de Ambros Rusticapra
$22.40/Lb $28.00/Lb