Goat's Milk Cheese

Bright, tangy, and lactic, the cheeses made from goat’s milk are in a category all their own. While the outward appearances of these cheeses can vary wildly, it’s easy to recognize goat cheese by its creamy, velvety bright white paste. Delectably mouthwatering, these cheeses can range in flavor from tart citrus to warm bread, allowing them to be as versatile as they are eye-catching. With significantly fewer calories than cheeses made from cow’s milk, goat cheese is at the top of the list for those looking to keep things light. Whether it’s a whole goat cheese log, a wrinkly round of Chevre, a wine-soaked slice of Drunken Goat, or a sprinkling of feta on your salad, goat’s milk cheeses are the cream of the crop when it comes to soft cheese stunners.

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