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Gotham Chocolates Independent Bon Bons 5.5oz

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Decadent dark chocolate bonbons are a luxury that is hard to pass up, especially when they’re coming from the renowned Gotham Chocolates. The unique blend of foraged Bolivian cacao and nacional cacao from Ecuador is known as Independent, and was custom-designed in the chocolate lab at Gotham Bar and Grill. The man behind the seasonal bonbons and chocolate bars that come out of the lab are from celebrated pastry chef, Ron Paprocki. These bonbons are artfully designed – the polished hard chocolate outside serves as a separating layer from the creamy dark chocolate on the inside. The bold flavor of the dark chocolate is a complex one, balancing dark fruit and deep cacao flavors that melt into something nutty and almondy. Pop a bonbon and the cork of a sparkling Zinfandel to really enjoy all the flavors.

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