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Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

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Grown in the northeastern corner of the Napa Valley, a variety of transplanted Tuscan and Sicilian olives make this 100% estate produced extra virgin olive oil intensely fruity, grassy and peppery, with a deep green color reminiscent of Italy's olio nuovo. All of the olives used to produce the oil were harvested on one day in December 2011 and pressed the same day. Best used as an accompaniment to fish, salads, soups and other savory dishes, or drizzled over fresh cheeses. This is Grove 45's third year of production, and this batch may be even better than their amazing second year -- more delicate in structure, but with a bold and powerful finish, the oil explodes on the palate. So good you could do shots of it.

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United States
500 ml

Transplanted Tuscan and Sicilian olives lend this 100% estate produced Napa Valley olive oil an intensely fruity, grassy and peppery flavor. Best used as an accompaniment to fish, salads and soups or drizzled over fresh cheeses like buttery burrata or tangy goat.