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Our only Welsh cheese, and one of our most intriguing cheddars, this clothbound masterpiece is a genuine taste of terroir. Produced by Rob Howard and his team on the Holden family’s farm in Ceredigion overlooking the Irish Sea, the cheesemaking process has evolved to be increasingly hands-on. The result is a cheese that is beyond earthy; aromas of wet clay and freshly turned soil give way to grassy flavors with an oniony bite bolstered by a salted butter backbone. The occasional veins of blue mold in the butter-yellow paste are a particularly special treat as well! The texture of this cheese is less curdy than other cheddars owing mostly to the high quality milk produced by the 65 Ayshire cows in Nicholas Millard’s herd. While this breed tends to give less milk than their more common Holstein and Friesian counterparts, the milk is richer in both fat and protein, and is perfectly suited to making cheese with a more supple paste. A true artisan, Nicholas is constantly looking for ways to improve his grazing and milking practices to produce an ever more delicious cheese. Hafod is truly a cheese to be savored, whether with a glass of port, or sherry, or just on its own.

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12 Months

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