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Hedene Rosemary Honey 250g

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On the coast of France, just north of the Spanish border, the land of Languedoc-Roussillon blossom in the springtime. Fields of rosemary trees bloom spectacularly, and attract innumerous bees to their buds. Hedene capitalizes on the bees of this region’s unique diet, harvesting their Rosemary Honey, which offers a harmonious blend of sweet and herbal notes. Hedene was created to help share the refined varieties of French honey, showing that the various territories truly affect the flavor notes of the honey. The monofloral honey – meaning that the bees harvest only from one type of flower – ensure that the honey tastes distinctly of that flavor. The Rosemary Honey is unique compared to the other honey of France – with its clear color and fast crystallization, it is wonderful drizzled over a buttery, herbal cheese, such as St. Stephen.

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