J'adore Fromage, I Love Cheese, July is French Month

J'Adore Fromage

When it comes to the world of cheese, there’s no doubt that the French have made their mark. From traditions like affinage to cheeses like Roquefort, Brie, and Camembert, France’s influence on cheese is one to be celebrated. Because July is peak grazing time for the French cheese process, along with Bastille Day and the Tour de France, we decided to dedicate this month to honoring timeless French flavor.
Tour de Fromage

Tour de Fromage

To celebrate French cheese, we’re winding our way through the country all July, featuring the great varieties of French cheese along the way. Each week we’ll be highlighting the regions we’re riding through, with special sales on the cheeses from those areas.

French Cooking

We’re giving Great Taste by Murray’s an infusion of French flavor with brand new recipes and collaborations, including traditional dishes like crepes and more.

Cheese Boards

We were inspired by collections like The French Connection to create some brand new cheese and charcuterie platters piled high with the best from France.

French Picnic

Build an outdoor spread that’s fit for a picnic in the French countryside with our collection of snackable cheeses, sliced charcuterie, and sweet sides!

Wine & Cheese Pairings

Don’t know what to pour with your French cheese selection? Our guide will take you through French wines, perfect pairings, and more.

French Regional Cheeses

France’s cheese making scene is as diverse as its climate and culture, so we’re exploring each unique region where French cheese is made.

French Traditional Cheeses

Many of the cheeses that come from France are centuries-old classics born from timeless traditions, like AOC-protected Comte or Roquefort.

French Riviera Entertaining

Create a seaside spread with just a few simple ingredients! We’ve got some original cocktails, antipasto, and fresh fish to make you feel like you’re sipping and snacking on the French Riviera.

Happy Hour by Murray's

Check out these French-inspired cocktails! Featuring collaborations from NYC’s best bars and top-shelf ingredients, they’re guaranteed to please.

Tinned Fish

Just grab a baguette and dive into our new selection of tinned fish! Gathered from Europe’s top producers, these briny bites come in all delicious shapes.

Apéritif Accompaniments

A coastal spread wouldn’t be complete without some antipasti, so don’t miss out on our extensive collections of gourmet olives and accompaniments.