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La Quercia Pancetta Americana 2oz


Round bellies are the best, especially when they're made of bacon. Actually, it's the bacon that's made from the pig's round belly, and then rolled into a log and cured to make pancetta. A traditional Italian staple, pancetta is often used in pasta dishes and on pizzas - fried up like bacon, it looks like a crispy little pinwheel. La Quercia uses outdoor-raised, Animal Welfare Certified, non-GMO pork from Heritage Foods Farms and cures it with sea salt, juniper berries, and bay leaves, giving the sweet meat an herbal kick. Give it a try wrapped around meats on the grill, fried in a sandwich (PLT, anyone?), or diced into spaghetti carbonara'it'll turn most dishes into a miracle. Or, cook as you would bacon and serve atop poached eggs with shaved parmesan for a Sunday morning treat.

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Just the Facts

United States
Iowa, Midwest

How did a family in Norwalk, Iowa come to produce some of the best cured meats in the world? It started with tradition: After three and a half years in Parma, Italy, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse brought classic techniques back home to create their signature salumi, something they say “expresses our appreciation for the beauty and bounty of Iowa”. Adding responsible sourcing and sustainability to the recipe means that their products don’t just taste great, they’re also produced with the highest standards and best quality ingredients around. To help more people get a bite of the good stuff, we now offer the full La Quercia line as well as curated selections that will make any meat lover squeal with delight.