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Masseria Ghietta Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade 8.11 oz

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This sundried tomato tapenade has only a small handful of ingredients, but it is so full of flavor that it can stand in for a meat sauce all on its own. The reason for this is the unparalleled quality of those ingredients, which are reduced to an exquisite texture. Just mix some into fresh pasta, grate a bit of parm over top, and you’ve got a meal that tastes better than you’d think it might have the right to. 

Masseria Ghietta is a farm in Puglia, the seaside, sun-drenched heel of Italy’s boot. All of Masseria Ghietta’s spreads and tapenades are all handmade exclusively from vegetables grown right on the farm, making the freshness of their products second to none.

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