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You’ll want to take a ride on this Merry Goat Round! Surface-ripened with a bright ivory paste, this classic bloomy round is a toothsome, pudgy goat cheese with a quintessential lactic goat’s milk tang. Boasting subtle and complex earthy notes with just a hint of pepper, this original creation from FireFly Farms is a crowd-pleasing favorite that deserves a special spot on your next cheese plate. Using milk sourced from local Maryland farms, FireFly has been producing award-winning cheeses since it was founded in 2002. Named Maryland’s most awarded cheesemaker, FireFly operates on principles of renewable energy and local, sustainable agriculture. Tasty enough to pair with just about everything, we suggest coupling this gentle and savory wheel with dried fruit, nuts, and a drizzle of honey for a sweet bite of simple elegance.

Each wheel of Merry Goat Round is approximately 9 ounces.

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