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Murray’s Cheese with Waffles + Mochi

Murray’s Cheese was so happy to welcome Waffles + Mochi and chef Samin Nosrat on a cheese tasting adventure in our New York City cheese caves! We had a blast with these cool and curious puppets, and we hope you enjoy seeing us in the new cheese episode of Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant on Netflix, developed by Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions.

Fromage's Favorite Cheeses

Explore the cheeses tasted in the Waffles + Mochi episode!

What is a Cheese Cave?

What Is a Cheese Cave?

Did you know that a cheese cave is a special room where different types of cheeses age until they're perfectly ripe and ready to eat? Waffles + Mochi may tell you that it’s a bit cold and humid in a cheese cave, but don’t worry. That’s just how our cheeses like it. Our caves team takes good care of the cheeses before sending them out into the world to enjoy with crackers, on a grilled cheese sandwich, on an amazing cheese board, or as part of your favorite cheesy dish. Perhaps Waffles + Mochi will help you think about the next cheese you want to try—will it be crunchy, soft, sweet, buttery, nutty, or a big surprise?
Meet Josh

Meet Josh, Cheese Expert & Affineur

Kid-Friendly Cheeses

Discover Kid-Friendly Cheeses

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