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Murray's Wooden Gift Crate


You know what cheeses they'll love best! Dad adores stinky, mom only likes old goats, the newlyweds like it luscious and the graduate likes them for grating. Whatever they like, Murray's has them all, but you should pick and choose!

Your job: Choose up to 10 small items from anywhere on our website (half-pounds of cheese, nuts, fruit or meat, books or jars of condiments) and add them to your cart along with this box.

Our job: Pack it all together in one of our original Brooklyn artisan-made wooden crates made from white pine.

We'll include an appropriate quantity of ice packs and our rustic and pretty shredded wood to keep it nestled in snug.

Price only includes the gift box, the total cost of your order will include the individual prices of each item you choose.

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