It’s the region of Bordeaux, the region of Bergerac, the region of Bayonne. Could Nouvelle-Aquitaine “B” any more beautiful? As the largest region in France, its topography ranges from brushy shores (where you’ll find the tallest sand dune in all of Europe) to the snow-covered crags of the Pyrenees. You’ll also find some stellar food and drink.

Cheese from Nouvelle-Aquitaine includes: Bleu De Causses, Chabichou, Ossau Iraty, Rocamandour, Tomes De Bauges

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Chabichou Du Poitou 4 oz
Ossau Iraty
Chevrot 200g
Pyrenees Brebis
Pico Picandine 125 Gr
$14.00/Each $18.00/Each