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Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

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A traditional English rhyme prescribes four objects for a bride to carry as tokens of good luck and good fortune on her wedding day. We’ve crafted a collection of cheeses based on this classic verse, so you can send your cherished bride and groom off with the best of wishes for a happy life together. 

The Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue Collection comes in our Murray’s Wooden Gift Crate and includes:

Something Old Roomano Extra Aged Gouda
Something New Murray’s Burrata
Something Borrowed Uplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Something Blue Murray’s Blue d’Auvergne

Aida Sourdough Crackers
Serramel Lemon Curd
Murray’s Marcona Almonds
Pralus Chocolatier Tablette Venezuela

Contains 2.5 lbs. of cheese.

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