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Murray's Olive Oil & Vinegar Gift Set 360ml


Murray's Olive Oils | Murray's Vinegars

Break out the baguettes and get ready to dip into our Olive Oil Gift Set! This fun collection is comprised of six mini bottles—three Murray’s Olive Oils, and three Murray’s Vinegars, plus a handy flavor guide to make oil pairing as simple as possible. Our three extra virgin olive oils, ArbequinaSorrento Lemon, and Koroneiki, differ widely in their aromas and flavors, spanning our “mild to wild” scale in their varying degrees of concentration and fragrance. Similarly, our vinegars pack a punch with three distinctly different taste profiles—the Fig Balsamic, a traditional vinegar, Sherry Reserva, an aged vinegar, and Pink Grapefruit, a rosé vinegar—which range from the complex to the effervescent. Both convenient and gourmet, it’s ideal for the burgeoning chef in your life, as an addition to a dinner party, or for spicing up every day cooking.

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