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Olympia Provisions Italian Sausage 12oz

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Italian Sausage

In Portland, Olympia Provisions butchers, cures, ferments, stuffs, dries, cooks and smokes almost every cut of the venerable pig…and man, they make pig sing. Looking for the missing link in your dinner lineup? These classic Italian sausages are seasoned with fragrant fennel, garlic and chili, and they’re ready to throw on the grill. Open a juicy Nero d'Avola and dinner is served. Or sauté them with onions and peppers, then stuff the goodness in a roll. That snappy skin yields to savory, supple pork joy.


Oregon’s first salumeria knows what it’s doing with pork. Proof they’ve perfected the art and science of the cure and smoke: this flavor-bomb chorizo. It’s seasoned with pimentón, garlic, oregano, and just a little cayenne for heat (they grind their spices in-house), then smoked over apple wood. The result is piquant and complex. A drop-dead appetizer with crusty bread, sheep’s milk cheese (Hollander! Zimbro!) and a fruity red, maybe Shiraz or Zinfandel. Or slice it up and add porky depth to paella and jambalaya, steamed mussels and clams, and pasta.


In six delicious years, Olympia Provisions has gone from a (great) neighborhood restaurant in Portland to a serious sausage authority. Spend some time in Austria, and you’ll notice you can’t walk too far without meeting a sausage stand hawking Käsekrainer. Olympia’s take on the traditional street food is spot-on. These plump pork sausages are studded with Emmenthaler cheese and smoked over apple wood. Once warmed through, the exterior gets nice and crispy—each slice yields a gooey cheese interior. Cheese dogs! Pair with a snappy Gruner Veltliner or a crisp lager.

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