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Potter's Applewood Smoked Crackers 5oz

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These Applewood Smoked Crackers from Potter’s Crackers are reminiscent of summer barbecue or fall campfires. Wonderfully smoky, these organic artisan crackers are surprisingly rich in flavor. The meaty punch of the Potter’s Crackers comes from one simple ingredient - smoke from organic apple trees. Potter’s Crackers uses their sustainably produced, high quality organic ingredients from local farms to create their Classic White Cracker. Popular on its own, the addition of fragrant and woody smoke created a whole new flavor – the Applewood Smoked. Simple, but bold, the crackers highlight the earthy tones of a meaty aged Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar, or an equally smoky slice of Speck.

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Just the Facts

United States
5 oz

Fresh-baked in Madison, Wisconsin, by a mother and son team committed to quality and sustainability, these crisp, flavorful crackers are handmade with Wisconsin milled whole-wheat flour and local milk and butter.