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Potter's Onion Crisps 5oz

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When Potter’s Crackers decided they wanted something different to pair with their soft and spreadable cheeses, they created a crunchy, airy crisp flavored with caramelized onion. These Caramelized Onion Crisps are made up of mountains of roasted organic Wisconsin onions, as well as the nutty addition of sesame and sunflower seeds. Potter’s Crackers uses their sustainably produced, high quality organic ingredients from local farms to create these snappy crisps. Served in handmade berry boxes, this crisps stay true to their small, local farm origins. A wonderful tasting cracker in its own right, spread a beautifully buttery Brie on top and savor the results.

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Just the Facts

United States
5 oz

Fresh-baked in Madison, Wisconsin, by a mother and son team committed to quality and sustainability, these crisp, flavorful crackers are handmade with Wisconsin milled whole-wheat flour and local milk and butter.