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The Preservation Society Pepper Jelly 4.4oz


One of the finest ways to enjoy a fresh, creamy cheese (think, for instance, a log of chevre) is with pepper jelly over top. Part of The Virginia Chutney Company’s Preservation Society line, the Turner family has outdone themselves with this one: a perfect combination of four kinds of peppers, a splash of apple cider vinegar for tang, and just enough sugar to balance the heat. Really, we’ve yet to find an application we’re not head-over-heels for—Preservation Society Pepper Jelly is perfect for smearing on a cracker with a healthy helping of cream cheese, brushing atop a pork tenderloin as a succulent glaze, or layering with plenty of Fontina and thick-cut bacon to turn up the heat on grilled cheese. Oh, and biscuits, barbecue, grilled shrimp, and maybe a dollop on your vanilla bean ice cream. You may as well buy two.

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